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Motorcycle accidents resulting in injury or death are relatively common occurrences here in Southern California. Motorcycle accidents don't just impact your health, they also affect your ability to work, your finances, and mobility.

However, San Diego motorcyclists who have suffered damages due to an accident are not without recourse under California law. The first step to receiving justice and compensation for you or a loved one's damages is to secure a top reviewed San Diego motorcycle accident attorney like Mission Legal Center Personal Injury. who can advocate on your behalf.

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The Statistics

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

The Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in San Diego

Common Motorcycle Injuries/Damages Resulting from an Accident in Southern California

Wrongful Death from Motorcycle Accident in San Diego Possible Compensation for Medical Damages/Financial Losses in San Diego Property Damage Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents in San Diego

The Next Step

If you have been a victim of a motorcycle accident in Southern California, contact Mission Legal Center. We are San Diego Personal Injury, Accident and Wrongful Death Attorneys with a proven record of success in helping those who have suffered from a serious injury, to receive the necessary medical attention, care and treatment you need, in addition to compensation for future care you may require. Call for a free consultation and case specific guidance: (619) 564-4455. You may also contact us or follow us on Facebook.

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Q: What are common causes of motorcycle accidents in San Diego?

A: Motorcyclists are often severely injured, or even killed by others on the road as the result of aggressive driving, wherein a truck or automobile driver tailgates, refuses to let motorcyclists change lanes. In other cases, drivers are distracted via texting, using a phone, eating, or otherwise not paying attention. Drivers who fail to check their mirrors regularly, or make lane changes without checking in blind spots often also hit and injure motorcyclists. Failing to stop at stop signs and/or traffic signals, along with failing to lead also leads to motorcycle accidents.

Q: Can I sue for medical bills if I've been hit on my motorcycle?

A: Motorcyclists who have been injured due to another's negligence or wrongdoing may be entitled to compensation for physical impairments, bodily disfigurement, pain and suffering, medical care, future care, payment for lost wages and decreased earnings ability along with compensation for legal fees accrued in pursuit of justice. For more information regarding motorcycle injuries and accidents in San Diego, click here.

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