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San Diego Bus Accident Injury Lawyers

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In a major metropolitan area like San Diego, buses are a much used form of transportation. Unfortunately, bus accidents are not uncommon and often result in injuries to passengers and pedestrians. Sometimes bus accidents are caused by the negligence or wrongdoing by another, which means that victims of bus accidents may be entitled to compensation toward their injuries, related bills, and other associated damages.

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The Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA):

The Common Causes of Bus Accidents

There can be many factors in determining the cause of a bus crash, from driver error to hazardous road conditions. Some of the most common causes are as follows:

Aggressive Driving Distracted Driving Driver Fatigue Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol Hazardous Road Conditions Unsafe, or poorly maintained roads and highways cause lots of automobile accidents in San Diego and throughout greater Southern California. For example, a pothole on a highway can cause a blown tire, which in turn can cause an automobile, bus, motorcycle or truck accident a result of the driver's loss of control.

Unsafe Conditions of Buses and Equipment Failure Performing regular maintenance on the bus can help detect and prevent any major issues. Bus companies in California are required to regularly conduct safety inspections and ensure that necessary repairs are done. They are also required by federal law to keep vehicle maintenance logs.

The Next Step

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Q: Who is liable in the case of a bus accident in San Diego?

A: Depending on the cause of the accident, the bus driver, as well as the company he/she drives for, can be liable for damages and injuries sustained by individuals, including property damage in San Diego County. For example, if a bus driver causes an accident while under the influence of alcohol, the company and the driver can be held liable.

Q: What is the statute of limitations for injury compensation for San Diego victims of a bus accident?

A: The amount of time a bus accident victim has to file an injury claim in San Diego can be as little as 6 months, although that depends on several factors. It's important to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney, to ensure the claim is filed in time.

For more information about bus accident injuries in San Diego County, click here. If you have been injured in a bus accident, or sustained property damage as the result of a bus accident, contact Mission Legal Center. Call for a free consultation and case specific guidance: (619) 564-4455. You may also contact us

Q: What is a "common carrier?"

A: It's a broad term for a company whose business it is to transport people or goods from one place to the next, for a fee. Buses, taxicabs and passenger trains are all examples of "common carriers."